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Worldcoin operates illegally in Kenya

Kenya Attorney General Justin Muturi said that Worldcoin operates in the country illegally. It was reported by local mass media. Muturi said the company is not registered as a business so that it can operate properly.

“To the best of our knowledge, the Worldcoin name does not appear in the database as a registered commercial company. This is contrary to the law, which provides that all foreign organizations must be registered,” the prosecutor added.

In addition, Muturi noted that the parent company of Worldcoin – Tools for Humanity – operates illegally in the country.

Also, the National Coordinating Committee for Computer Cybercrimes of Kenya (NC4) warned that the project’s activities pose a threat to the national and economic security of the country.

NC4 director James Kimuyu talked about the risks of Wordcoin. According to him, the main concerns relate to the collection of biometric data. In addition, he noted that the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the project could create competition for traditional financial systems. He also noted possible tax evasion.

In early August, police, backed by a multi-agency team, raided the offices of Tools For Humanity in Kenya.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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