Wrinkles, sleeping on your side increases them

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Raise your hand if you know that the major cause of wrinkles, after exposure to sunlight and UV rays, is sleep. Well yes: pressing your face on a pillow for about 2,500 hours a year is like warming wrinkles on your face. As the medical team of Dr. MedicSpa Clinics, based in England, reports on Instagram, a 2012 study showed that especially «sleeping on your side can cause an increase in wrinkles thin, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth, the flattening of the forehead, the smoothing of the nasolabial angle, the nasolabial folds ».

And, considering that, according to research, sleeping on the side is about 60% of people, it is urgent to remedy if we want to counter the advance of the signs of aging during the night. For this the British experts have shared via social aSome strategies for KOing wrinkles in bed. First of all it is necessary switchare our position: it is not easy, but if we want to appear younger, we have to sleep on our backs. The reason is simple: the face is not in contact with the pillow. Not only that: in this way the skin does not become contaminated with bacteria that accumulate on sheets & Co. Many people find it difficult to sleep like this, the solution can be to rely on an ad hoc pillow and put another one under the knees. And here, in fact, the second and third straight: immediately add a shaped cushion to the cart to distribute the weight equally and cover it with silk or satin pillowcases (On the Net there are removable pillows in fabrics enriched with aloe extracts for a moisturizing effect and lines of silk pillowcases that caress the skin avoiding wrinkles, the work of a make-up artist, see the site bydaiiaday.com).

As for night skincare, doctors recommend use cosmetics that have retinol and bakuchiol among the ingredients (the latter new beauty elixir, Gwyneth Paltrow also launched a face oil with contains it) which stimulate the production of collagen and retain moisture inside the dermis. Of course to prevent wrinkles, as we know, then it is essential to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Finally, in the morning, a good face massage (perhaps with the help of jade rollers and icy spheres so loved by celebs), better if done in the shower, it helps to promote blood flow in areas that have been under pressure.

In the gallery a selection of ad hoc cosmetics and accessories for facial massage “never again without” in the cause of wrinkle prevention. Another year has begun, the age is increasing, let’s not tell our face.

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