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Writer attacked by pitbulls in Rio writes poem in hospital; read

Writer Roseana Murray, who is recovering after being attacked by three pitbull dogs, wrote her first poem after the incident this Monday (15), in the ICU of the Hospital Estadual Alberto Torres (HEAT), in São Gonçalo (RJ ). When dictating the poem to her sister, Evelyn Kligermann, the poet refers to the hospital as a place where everyone is an angel.

An angel swept the sadness from the house.
With your wings made
of something we don't know.
It swept the way they sweep streets and squares.
He gathered everything in his hands,
blew, blew, blew.

On the social network page she said: “I remember the myth of Cerberus, the three-headed dog who took care of the passage of the recently dead to the other world. They were fierce and no one could beat them. The three dogs that attacked me looked like Cerberus, the three-headed dog ready to take me to my death. They didn't make it. I'm alive, but like in the book we read at the Yellow House Club Listen to the Beasts, by Nastassja Martin, the story of the woman who was attacked by a bear, fought and won, and in the end, is a half-human, half-bear woman, I I also feel half human and half wild woman, because I won.”

In another excerpt, she mentions that she plans a poetry soiree at the Alberto Torres Hospital, where she will present each person who took care of me with a book written by her and signed with her left hand, since she lost her right arm because of the attack. “This hospital is a very special home. I listen to the stories of the nurses, I exchange my stories with them, we exchange galaxies of love. This experience of being half human and half savage, with the strength acquired from Cerberus, increases my responsibility towards life and everything that is beautiful.”

The writer says that her son Guga Murray is creating a movement together with Alessandra Roscoe called the Ministry of Collateral Beauties. “Even in the worst scenarios, you have to look for beauty. This is our job. And Peace above all.”

The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, today sent a letter of thanks to Roseana Murray. “Along with many people, I was shocked by the Cerberus attack and moved by its vital force and its recognition of the SUS. I already knew her books and started to admire her even more.”

Roseana was attacked by dogs when she left home, around 6am on April 5th, for a walk in Saquarema, in the Lakes Region of Rio, a habit she maintained daily. In the attack, she had her arm and right ear ripped off by the animals. Seriously injured and passed out, the writer was dragged by dogs for about 5 meters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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