WTF! The Ring Machine Gun Kelly Gave Megan Fox Is Designed To Hurt Her If She Takes It Off

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On January 11, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly caused a furor on the networks by announcing that, after a year and a half of relationship, they finally decided to commit. The announcement was made on the actress’s Instagram account, where they shared the video of the emotional moment and it didn’t take long for congratulations and good wishes to rain down on them.

One of the issues that most caught the attention of the fans It was the ring that the musician gave Megan, since it was made especially for her and he himself helped design it, incorporating a diamond and an emerald, the birthstones of each. Recently, the rapper confessed that the precious ring holds a dark secret.

“Love Hurts”

Machine Gun Kelly said in an interview with the magazine Vogue that the ring is designed so that it can be separated into two different rings that are held together by a magnet. This is not new information, since he had already commented on this on his Instagram account, but what did surprise the fans was that the ring can hurt Megan, as the musician claimed that the band itself has thorns.

[Hablando sobre las gemas del anillo de Megan] It is a pure emerald from Colombia, without any treatment. It came out of the mine and was carved into a drop shape directly. And the diamond came straight from Stephen [Webster, el famoso joyero que hizo el anillo]. The concept is that the ring can be separated to make two rings. When they are together, they are held together by a magnet. Do you see how they come together? And then they form a dark heart. In fact, the bands are thorns. So if you try to remove it, it hurts. Love Hurts!

It is not the first time that one of them has made very intense statements about the love they have for each other. In fact, Machine Gun Kelly used to wear a pendant that contained Megan’s blood, and the actress mentioned that, after getting engaged, “they drank each other’s blood.” Sure, it was probably a joke, but it exemplifies the kind of statements they’ve made in the past, which, along with their incredible style, have put them in the spotlight.

Their relationship is not the most typical of Hollywood, but it is very clear that they both love each other madly, perhaps too much, and there is nothing left but to wish them a very long and happy relationship.

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