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WWDC 2024: discover the latest artificial intelligence for iPhones

O Apple Intelligence Apple’s artificial intelligence tool, was announced this Monday (10) during the annual conference Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC ). The personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad and Mac will be deeply integrated into iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia.

During the event, Apple also announced a partnership with ChatGPT, from Open AI .

Integrated with Siri, the company’s assistant present on Apple devices will be able to access ChatGPT for certain requests, including questions about photos or documents, for example.

According to Apple, the user will be able to control when ChatGPT will be used and will be questioned before any information is shared.

Anyone can access the functionality for free, without needing to create an account. Paid ChatGPT subscribers will be able to connect accounts to access special features in these experiences.

Other Apple Intelligence features

In addition to adjusting text in emails, for example, Apple’s AI tool will allow the creation of images from text commands, just like other chatbots.

Furthermore, Apple Intelligence will also offer new writing tools that help you find the right words with improved language capabilities, in addition to allowing the user to summarize a lecture in seconds and obtain a shortened version of a group conversation, for example .

Designed to protect user privacy, the tool will be integrated into the core of iPhone, iPad and Mac through on-device processing. Therefore, it is aware of the personal information without collecting the personal information.

New era of Siri

With Apple Intelligence, Siri will get an all-new design, better language understanding, and more natural communication. By double-tapping the bottom of your iPhone or iPad’s screen, you can type into Siri from anywhere on the system when you don’t want to speak out loud.

Creating new emojis and editing photos

Through Apple Intelligence, it will also be possible to create new emojis, Genmojis. Simply provide a description to see a preview, and adjust the description until it’s perfect. Another way to create emojis is to choose a person from the photo library to create a Genmoji that looks like that person.

Through IA, you will also be able to remove distractions with the Clean tool in the Photos app. Apple Intelligence will identify background objects so the user can remove them with a tap and perfect the photo, keeping it faithful to the original image.

To check out all the news announced by Apple during the annual conference Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC ), Click here.

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