WWF Releases NFT to Raise Wildlife Funding

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WWF Germany will release an NFT collection to raise funds to protect endangered animals.

The Foundation has selected several popular NFT artists to create the “Non-fungible Animals” collection. These included Bosslogin, Freehard Profit, Eric Peters, Vinzent Britz, Lea Fricke, Romulo Ruranyi, Andre Ribon, Rocket & Wink, Etienne Kiefer and Anna Rupprecht.

“Each piece of art released will represent a specific animal worth knowing about. We are important participants in the social education process and want to show how close humanity is to losing many species on this planet, ”emphasized Eberhard Brandes, head of WWF Germany.

In total, 10 endangered species of animals will be transferred to the “digital form”. At the same time, each artist will take on one species and make as many NFTs as there are individuals of this species. For example, there will be 22 NFTs for the California porpoise, the smallest cetacean on the planet. The NFT will be released on Polygon and the collection will begin selling on November 2nd. Tokens can be bought for USDC.

Recently, the owner of one of the tokens in the CryptoPunks collection refused to sell NFT for $ 9.5 million. This would be the most expensive sale of a non-fungible token in history.

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