X Factor 2021: between Manuelito’s reproach and Mika’s broken heart, the third Live is incandescent

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It took just three bets before the judges made it X Factor they lowered their shields and raised their swords, and the result was one of the hottest Live shows the show has seen in the last three years. The tension linked to the double elimination and the desire to pull out their axes to resist a funnel that becomes increasingly narrower from week to week have led the protagonists not to spare themselves in any way: from the most intimate confidences to open-faced provocations, from drawn sword defenses to undisguised bitterness for a burning disappointment. The first to break the mold was Mika who, on the occasion of the presentation of his singer Fellow, took the opportunity to throw a dig at an ex who, at 19, broke his heart. “I thought my broken heart was my end, instead it became my resource for what I could give on stage”, the singer said, earning applause from the audience for describing the morning he walked out of his love’s London apartment half naked, cold and gagging.

Mutonia at the third Live of X Factor 2021

But we are only at the beginning. It was immediately afterwards that warmed the spirits Manuel Agnelli who, without thinking too much, said a Versailles to be a big bluff, a formula without substance, a scheme that, from bet to bet, revealed all its weakness. «It’s not enough to put ingredients in, you have to cook them. You are copying and pasting a lot of things, like putting Nutella together with mussels. For me it is not innovation to do Nirvana with autotune, ”said Agnelli. An opinion shared by Mika who, shortly after, launched himself with a band from Manuel’s roster: i Mutonia. Their performance on the notes of Sports of Viagra Boys did not convince the pop star who, without going too subtly, said that theirs “is all a construction and a little poetry”. “It sucks.” Faced with the harsh judgment of Mika, Matteo, the band’s frontman, often raised his eyes to the sky and stuck out his tongue, inciting the audience present at the RePower Theater to express their discontent. Which did not like Hell Raton, who immediately called him to order: «It’s something I always say to my team’s competitors: respect them. You are here to be judged ».

Erio at the third Live of X Factor 2021

The atmosphere was not the most relaxed, and that is why Agnelli tried to tone it down by explaining that Matteo’s was just an attempt to make fun that his colleagues did not understand. Luckily it was Emma who brought back some serenity who, rowing against herself, said to Erio to be one of the strongest competitors of this edition, even if he is not part of his team. It is only a matter of time, however, before the voltage peaks. It was the bringer of the disaster Ludovico Tersigni, which announced the first ballot of four of this edition. Ballot that saw out of the game Voucher LP of Emma’s team and Karakaz of Hell Raton’s team, the latter always decided by the public, who had the opportunity to express themselves after the judges agreed to invoke the Tilt and leave everything in the hands of televoting. In short, a pretty intense episode.


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