X Factor 2021: the first Live, between the unpublished and the pro-Zan discourse

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Begins with Born Slippy of the Underworld in the background the first Live of the fifteenth edition of X Factor, the talent show of Sky produced by Fremantle that takes up the same energy and the same desire to do that was before the pandemic, the distancing and all the precautions that had made the 2020 edition muffled, wrapped in a cellophane of fear and uncertainty. On this tour the atmosphere is more relaxed, judges Emma, ​​Mika, Manuel Agnelli and Hell Raton joke and support each other and the new conductor Ludovico Tersigni he takes the reins of a machine entrusted for ten years to the care of Alessandro Cattelan on tiptoe, without overdoing it and, above all, without getting stuck when reading the codes for the vote. Together with the competition, however, it is inevitable that the program that has made inclusivity its trademark will pronounce on the sinking of the Zan’s bill in the Senate, under thunderous and shameful applause.

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Ludovico Tersigni at the first Live of X Factor 2021

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«I am very sorry because we cannot celebrate a step forward. The images that arrived from the Senate, the applause and the chants from the stadium after blocking the Zan Bill, wrote a very bad page in the history of our country ”, explains Emma before being supported by Mika, her new snack partner. «What we saw yesterday is not the Italy that I love and that has welcomed and defended me over the years. But there is still Italy out there that is capable of loving and welcoming and in which I want to continue to believe ”, adds the pop star before the race gets underway. For the first time in the history of X Factor, we do not see any elimination at the first episode: the 6 least voted competitors of the two heats go straight to a play-off that will be played during the episode of November 4th, leaving us, however, to guess the artists who managed to better manage the stage. From gIANMARIA, highly acclaimed by Twitter internet users, at Endrigo, both of Emma’s team; from Fellow to Baltimore, passing through Erio.

For the rest, together with the live performance of Carmen Consoli, escorted by friends Marina Rei and Max Gazzè, the first Live of X Factor it stands out above all for the synergy between the judges. In particular between Emma and Mika who, during the episode, they tease each other tenderly for the black feathers of her dress – which Mika describes as an “angel of death” look – and the singer’s macaronic Italian which, according to Emma, ​​should not be taken as a model by Nika Paris to learn our language better . A series of joints and suggestions that give life to a winning formula once again and which, we are sure, will show us some good ones in the next six weeks. Factor X has just begun.


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