X Factor 2022: Fedez returns as a judge

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We are used to telling ourselves that certain loves never end but, in case di Fedez and di X Factor, it couldn’t be more true. If Fedez has become, in addition to a musical character, a recognizable face of Italian television it was thanks to the gymnasium of the Sky talent show that allowed him to demonstrate, despite his young age, his character and his humor, fighting for the boys who were part of his team as if he were their big brother. Now that the talent has broken down the barriers and turned a convinced look towards the future it was inevitable that Fedez would sooner or later return home, and so it was: the rapper will, in fact, be one of the judges of X Factor 2022, ready to resume the adventure where he left it.

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This will be Fedez’s sixth time behind the judges’ counter, which was his post from 2014 to 2018. With his 24 years of age, Fedez was the youngest judge of all the Italian editions of X Factor, but this certainly did not prevent him from entering the hearts of the public who saw in his emotion, in his maxims and in his passion in defending the boys a young artist who had everything to prove. At the talent show Fedez came back, to be honest, as a guest in 2020, when he proposed a live performance on the notes of Nice story and presented the initiative to the spectators United scene who, in these two years of the pandemic, has done a lot to support show business workers.


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

And so, after the success of Inhumanhis latest album, the commitment with Prime Video to conduct LOL – Who laughs is out and his irresistible podcast Wild Moss, created together with his friend Luis Sal, Fedez is preparing to immerse himself once again in the mechanism of the talent show that will open its doors in June with the recording of the first Audions, the initial step of the long selections that will then lead to the identification of the 12 protagonists of the Live Show. And one of the first news is that the first phase of selections will once again be a great event with the public in attendance, ready to comment on the performances in the stands and be the great protagonist of the show. On the site of X Factor 2022 it is still possible to register for casting: all the information is available at the link xfactor.sky.it/casting.

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