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“X-Men '97”: see which heroes from other universes appear in the series

Heroes from several different fictional universes from the Marvel appear in the animation “X-Men '97 ”, which had the last episode of the first season released this Wednesday (15). Check out the most famous of them in the gallery above.

The first to appear in the animation was Captain America, who meets the mutant Rogue when she seeks to avenge the death of a friend. The appearance occurs in the first part of the last episode.

The second famous character from another franchise to appear is the Incredible Hulk, who appears through the transformation of the mutant Morfo (with the ability to transfigure himself into other living creatures). Hulk appears in the second part of the last episode.

It is in the third part, however, that more characters appear at once, Daredevil, Mr. Elastic, Iron Man and other Avengers participate in the final battle against Bastion, the main villain of the season.

The final episode ends with a message that the animation will continue in new episodes. The renewal of the series for the second season has already been confirmed by Disney.

Source: CNN Brasil

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