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Xiaomi fast charging charges your smartphone in 8 minutes. This is a record, it is 210 watts

To date, the record holder for charging power for smartphones is iQOO technology developed by Vivo, which promises up to 200 watts. However, this achievement tends to be surpassed by Xiaomi, which managed to deliver 210 watts. Previously, the company conducted a series of tests with last year’s flagship smartphone Xiaomi 11 Ultra, during which the device was fully charged in about 8 minutes. Now the Chinese giant is ready for new records.

Xiaomi’s 210W fast charger, codenamed MDY-13-EU, has recently passed 3C certification. Such a device may soon be released to the market. The adapter has the following operating modes: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 11V/6A, 17W/10.5A and 20V/10.5A. The last of these can reach the aforementioned 210W. Given that the charger has already been certified, this means that it is ready to go. Xiaomi seems to be planning to release the charger along with the next flagship (eg Xiaomi 13 Ultra), or will offer it separately.

Even though Xiaomi showed off its advanced 200W charger back in 2021, it hasn’t hit the market yet. Then the test smartphone had a 4000 mAh battery. Overcoming the barrier of 8 minutes will be possible only with such a battery capacity. It is not yet clear how Xiaomi will present its new development. This may be an improved version of the 200-watt charger, but it has the potential to set a new record. By the way, there is a very serious competition in this field. For example, OPPO has already demonstrated 240W charging, but it is still in development.

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