Yπ. Health Germany: Free tests and restrictions for the unvaccinated are back

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“We have to stop the fourth wave, otherwise we will have a bitter December,” said Health Minister Jens Spann, while the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wheeler, warned that “we are already at five o’clock.”

The Minister of Health announced today, among other things, the resumption from tomorrow of the free diagnostic tests for coronavirus, which were abolished on October 11, on the grounds that all citizens could have been vaccinated by then. However, the rapid increase in cases with the simultaneous reduction of the tests carried out and the extension of the restrictions for the unvaccinated, made it necessary to revise the measure. “If nothing is done now, every two weeks we will see a doubling of cases,” Mr Span said, adding that it was no longer enough to allow access to events for those who tested negative. “The 2G rule should be applied more widely, for access only to vaccinated and sick people,” he added.

Mr Wheeler, for his part, presented maps showing most of the country in “deep red” and drew attention to the situation in hospitals, where he said there were fewer beds available than ever before. “Limit your contacts,” Mr Wheeler called on citizens, noting that bars and clubs may have to close again and cancel big events.

As of Sunday, Austria is again on the German Foreign Ministry’s list of “high-risk” areas, following the sharp rise in cases in the country and in view of the winter tourist season. In practice, the ranking means that anyone coming from Austria to Germany who has not been vaccinated should be placed in preventive quarantine.

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