Yandex and Microsoft have created a protocol for quick indexing of sites. Already works and “accelerates the Internet”

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Yandex and Microsoft have developed and have already implemented IndexNow, a new protocol that allows webmasters to quickly notify search engines to index a web page. In practice, this means that search engines will quickly learn about changes on sites and display this in search results.

Now all search engines have a so-called search bot – it indexes existing and new sites at regular intervals in order to record possible changes on web pages and display this in search results. Changes include the creation of new content, as well as editing or deleting existing content. As a rule, crawling a search bot takes from several days to weeks.

The IndexNow Protocol allows websites to instantly inform search engines of changes — roughly speaking, they “invite” a search bot to a web page, informing them that there has been a change. The development is also intended to create a more open Internet: as soon as one search engine receives a request for IndexNow, all other search engines supporting this protocol are also notified. In the future, search engines plan to limit the search bot’s standard crawl of sites that send queries on IndexNow.

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