Yandex delivery robots now work with third-party stores

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Journalists of the information publication, citing their sources in Yandex, reported that unmanned robotic couriers Yandex.Rover will now deliver products and goods from third-party stores and restaurants that are partners of the company. The first to test this function are Azbuka Vkusa and Vkusvill in Khamovniki (Moscow region), and the total number of cafes and restaurants that have already connected to this function has exceeded forty. In order to receive delivery by a robot, when placing an order, the user needs to select a specific item in Yandex.Food or Yandex Go, and in this case, an employee of a store, cafe or restaurant will independently collect the order by loading it into the robot.

The advantage of this delivery method, in addition to the ability to personally look at the latest technologies, is in banal comfort and safety – upon reaching the destination, the robot courier will notify the customer of its arrival, at the same time a button to open the lid will appear in the application. Naturally, at the same time, contact with other people is minimized, which is quite important during the coronavirus period. True, it is worth noting that Yandex’s delivery robots are limited in delivery weight – they cannot lift more than 20 kilograms on board. In addition, the company does not have a clear number of robots for a specific location – it all depends on the current flow of orders.

It is worth recalling that at the end of March, representatives of Yandex announced that they had about 35 robots that work only in Khamovniki, as well as on Khodynka and in the Airport metro area. It is likely that after providing the delivery function to third-party stores and restaurants, the company will increase the number of robots. And also representatives of “Yandex” recently announced that they plan to launch a pilot delivery using courier robots in the United States, and why in Israel and South Korea.

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