Yandex has updated Music: listening to podcasts and audiobooks has become more convenient

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Most recently, on December 19, 2022, Yandex employees announced that a huge range of Bookmate digital content (digital versions of books and audiobooks) was included in the Yandex Plus subscription. And today, January 20, the developers of the Yandex Music mobile application announced the introduction of three important innovations that will allow you to listen to audiobooks and podcasts with great comfort, which, of course, cannot but rejoice. For example, the application now has a “Resume Play” tab that allows you to continue listening to content from where the user left off.

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The “My Shelf” function has also appeared – any content that the user likes is sent here. And, of course, podcast fans will love the new New Episodes section, where you’ll see the latest episodes of the podcasts you’ve subscribed to.

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