Yandex.Market will release products under its own brand: first, cookies, then electronics

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Today, September 17, the Kommersant news publication, citing Yandex representatives, reported that the company plans in the foreseeable future to release various goods under its own brand, By the way, on the Market. These products, which is quite expected, will be sold on Yandex.Market’s own marketplace, there is no information about offline trading yet. Moreover, representatives of the IT giant said that at the start they plan to sell exclusively food products – cookies, sweets, marshmallows, nuts, and so on. But Yandex, of course, has no plans to stop there.

The company said that they plan to sell electronics under their own brand (though not “By the way, on the Market” anymore), but they have not yet talked about which market segments they are talking about. For the production of food products, Yandex has entered into agreements with a dozen partners who will produce granola and confectionery products under the company’s brand. The main advantage of the new line of products is that they will be available throughout the country, and not only in those cities where Lavka is present. Moreover, the manufactured products are also aimed at large orders – the manufacturer will provide a discount on large volumes, which should be of interest to wholesale buyers.

Market analysts said that the reason why Yandex decided to create its own product brand and sell products under it on its marketplace is quite clear – these are high-margin products, which additionally allows the company to increase customer loyalty. Yes, and Yandex is far from the first company in this matter – Ozon has long had its own product brands (about 20 names), and in the future all major marketplaces will have them.

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