Yandex.Telemost 1.51.0

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Yandex.Telemost – these are video meetings by link. In Teleconference, you can gather work conferences, meet with your family and organize video parties. Meetings are not limited in time – you can chat as much as you like without worrying about the meeting ending soon.

Making appointments is easy! All you have to do is click “Create a video call” and send the link to friends or colleagues. To create appointments, you must have a Yandex account.

Connecting to meetings is even easier – you just need to follow the link and press the “Continue” button. Your acquaintances will be able to join the meeting even if they do not have a Yandex account.

The video link is available on any device – you can participate in video meetings from both your phone and tablet.

If you want to see only the interlocutor at the meeting in the Teleconference, turn off your video for yourself in the settings. The interlocutor will see you, but you yourself will not. The Teleconference settings are available on the start screen and during the meeting.

You can even be at a meeting with a minimized Video Bridge. If you minimize the application during a meeting, you will hear the interlocutors, they will hear you, but the video will not work.

If something went wrong at the meeting, let us know from the Yandex.Telemost application itself: click the ≡ icon and select “Support”.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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