«Yara»: Marco Tullio Giordana’s film arrives on Netflix on November 5th

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The idea of ​​adapting the story of Yara Gambirasio, the 13-year-old girl who disappeared in 2010 in Brambate Sopra, in the Bergamo area, and found lifeless three months later, began to make her way through the heads of producers several years ago. The result is a film, Wound, directed by the director de The best youth Marco Tullio Giordana, and coming to Netflix on November 5th. It is an ambitious project that tries, with extreme delicacy, to retrace what happened eleven years ago at the time of Yara’s disappearance: from the incessant searches to find her to the investigations launched by the prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri, played by Isabella Ragonese, and the subsequent accusation against Massimo Bossetti who, even today, continues to declare himself innocent.

Together with the pain and thriller veins of the story, Wound also try to turn on the light su an investigation that set a precedent and which, in order to identify the killer, went towards hitherto unexplored boundaries such as the sweeping operation promoted on the territory and traceable thanks to DNA. The hope of the Gambirasio family to find Yara safe and sound together with a judiciary committed with all its strength to clarify and discover the truth are the cornerstones of a film that, we are sure, will cause discussion, but that Giordana’s wise direction will try to tell through new facets.

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The film, produced by Taodue in association with RTI and distributed by Netflix, sees a cast ranging from Isabella Ragonese in the role of pm ad Alessio Boni; from Thomas Trabacchi to Sandra Toffolatti and Mario Pirrello as Yara’s parents. To lend his face to Massimo Bossetti is Roberto Zibetti, while Yara is played by the young Chiara Bono, already seen in the Rai docufiction Sons of Destiny.

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