Yeni Şafak targets Greek shipowners: ‘Everything for free for Athens’

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The fact that the fleet of Greek shipowners has increased since the beginning of the year is highlighted on today’s front page by the Turkish fanatically pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak.

Yeni Şafak targets Greek shipowners:
Yeni Şafak’s front page headlined “All free for Athens”

With the propaganda headline “Everything is free for Athens: Greece bought 183 ships for Russian oil”, the newspaper accuses the European Union of “turning a blind eye to the opportunism of Athens”.

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“Greek shipowners have been buying ships non-stop alongside the increase in Russian oil and LNG transportation. The number of ships purchased since the beginning of the year has reached 183,” writes Yeni Şafak.

“Investments of billions of dollars by Greek shipowners for the transport of Russian oil in these days when the sanctions on Russian oil due to the war in Ukraine are being discussed throughout the European Union”, writes the newspaper mocking the Greek business activity.

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Petros Kranias

Source: Capital

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