Yeri Mua keeps her promise to a victim of violence; will pay for your operations

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The influencers Mexican Yeri Mua kept her promise and paid for the surgery on Jazmín Pérez, who suffered serious injuries after defending herself against sexual abuse.

The influencers and Jazmín had contact, through the feminist collective “Las brujas del mar”. Finally, after months of waiting, Jazmín traveled to Cartagena, Colombia, to have her nose reconstructed.



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The news was shared in a live on Yeri’s TikTok account. The surgery will be paid for by her and it will be the doctor Javier Soto who will perform the procedure.

Today she is traveling to Cartagena, Colombia, with Dr. Soto for the reconstruction of her nose, which Dr. Javier and I told her we were going to be supporting her.

I was with the doctor, they will treat you super well, you will be in the best hands. What’s more, they will pick you up at the airport, you will not have to worry about anything, just to be calm, to be healing and the most important thing is that you enjoy the process, because it is something that perhaps you did not want, but in this time you are going to meet many people and perhaps learn many things that can serve to inspire other women who have gone through the same thing.

– Yeri Mua

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Yeri Mua with Jasmine, a victim of violence,

No, because I am very grateful to all the people. I am very lucky since all of them, your followers, made you notice my case and that you will get here.

– Jasmine Perez

On August 18, the case of Jazmín shook social networks after being harassed and assaulted by a former independent candidate for the municipality of Tlalixcoyan, Veracruz, who hit her and bit her until part of her nose was ripped off, while she defended herself against an attempt. of sexual abuse.


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Through a publication in the feminist collective “Las brujas del mar”, her story reached Yeri, who promised to help her with the reconstruction of her nose, since the operations were too expensive and she did not have the necessary resources.

We propose a nose job, specifically for Jazmín Pérez, who was attacked a few weeks ago by Roberto ‘N’ and when she resisted his harassment and sexual abuse, he partially tore off her nose, for which she needs medical interventions. The reconstructive operation has already been achieved, but the ones that would make his face return to the way it was before are missing.

After several weeks of waiting, Yeri has fulfilled her promise, helping Jazmín to recover her health, self-esteem and inner strength.

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