The CEO of the eToro trading platform, Yoni Eisha, believes that the transfer of physical assets to the blockchain will allow the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market to exceed $100 trillion.

During an interview at Paris Blockchain Week, Yoni Assia urged investors to do more research into cryptocurrency projects, take a “long-term” view of the market, and not get distracted by the short-term ups and downs of certain assets.

He noted that in the future, most physical assets, such as gold or real estate, will be tokenized, and any investor will be able to invest part of their funds in such assets. Within 10 years, the CEO of eToro believes, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will exceed $100 trillion.

Eisha also said that he expects Bitcoin to continue to grow – in his opinion, the inflation of the US dollar and other fiat currencies will increase, so more and more people will try to save their savings in the first cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently urged residents of the country not to trade on the Israeli platform eToro.