You already showed us off! He does not have to pay the pension but he does have to ride in formula 1

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They got married and lived happily ever after…or did they? From 2021 to date, the divorce rate has increased by at least 16 percent in recent years in Mexico. Of the divorces registered in that year, at least 25 percent of the couples had at least one child, who has the right to be cared for in her needs by both parents, whether they are together or not.

Although it is true that in many cases once the marriage is over, one of the two disappears, thinking that the bond with the child also ends, definitely not the case.

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The eternal fight for alimony is a daily issue, and it is usually alleged that it is not paid because “they do not have enough money”, but it is often discovered that to spend on their own tastes they do have it.

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For a reason they say that the obligation comes first and then the fun, but there are people who think that the order of the factors does not alter the product, so they choose to go fully to the enjoyment and revelry rather than fulfill their duties. Just like what happened to a man named José Javier, who was accused by his ex-partner of not paying alimony for the son they have together, who also has an illness that entails some extra expenses.


This public complaint was made by the woman named Anna, through the social network Facebook, where he states that José has a debt of approximately 1,310 dollars and that as much as he has tried to make him responsible, he does not see a positive response from him.

The publication has attached some images that show José with another woman having a great time at the Formula 1 Mexico City Grand Prix, an event that, it should be noted, is not very cheap to say. However, the problem is not that he has fun, because in the end, everyone can live as he wants and do what he pleases, but first take care of his obligations, right?

Facebook publication with images of a man who does not pay his son's pension

In her publication, Anna explains the context and asks people to help her share the information so that it reaches the father of her son and so that he is ashamed that they are exposing him in that way.

As of today, the post It has been shared 597 times, adds more than 800 reactions and almost 100 comments, among which are those of women who empathize with Anna, as they claim to be going through a similar situation. In addition, the woman received offers from lawyers to help her formally sue her ex. Although there are also those who support Juan, because they tell him to “let him enjoy his life.”

Hopefully José Javier gets twenty and gets his act together, because the pension is intended to help exclusively his son, not his ex-partner, especially considering that his son requires special treatment.

Source: Okchicas

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