You can buy Tesla in Russia through Sberbank: online registration, delivery on the day of purchase

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Service for buying and selling cars online SberAuto, owned by Sber, announced the start of sales of Tesla electric vehicles. All cars have the latest firmware version with Russian language support, as well as the installed ERA-GLONASS system.

At the moment, Model 3 and Model Y models are available to users of the service, but they promise to add Model X at the end of this month. You can buy both new and used cars that have passed the necessary customs procedures. Moreover, Muscovites do not need to wait, they will be delivered a car on the day of purchase.

SberAuto users can get access to an exclusive stock of cars in stock and at final prices. Initially, only some configurations are offered, for example, Model 3 – in the Standard Range Plus (296 hp, rear-wheel drive, 448 km cruising range) and Long Range (367 hp, four-wheel drive, 614 km cruising range), and Model Y is only available with Long Range Dual Motor (350 hp, four-wheel drive, range 460 km, white body color). The Model X will be available with a Tesla Performance Ludicrous all-wheel drive package with a range of 548 km. Later it will be possible to leave a request for a specific model and complete set of the car.

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