You can now start reading the book or download it directly from the Yandex search page

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Today, September 9, representatives of “Yandex” said that the search engine has received a significant improvement associated with the search for the desired book on the Internet. Now, for example, a user, when entering a request, whether it be fiction or a history textbook, will receive offers from the most popular services like “Liters”, MyBook, Book24 and other partners of the company in the response of the system. Moreover, the search engine not only gives out links to the sites of book services, but also allows you to start reading a certain book directly from the search page in one click, so that the user can immediately decide whether he found what he was looking for.

In addition, in the same place on the issue page, the user can download the work, find out about the availability of a paper book in the store or about the cost of the work in a particular online store. And so that further actions do not enter the user into a stupor, you can go directly from the search engine to the service website to make a purchase. This, according to the developers, is very comfortable and will make life easier for book lovers:

“Before, in order to find the best deal, you had to research many different resources. Now you can compare all the conditions for purchasing a book on different services at once in one place and choose the most suitable one. The choice is growing, more and more online bookstores are being connected to the new search format, ”said Maxim Zagrebin, head of Yandex search products.

And, as expected, Yandex decided to integrate this search system not only for digital literature, but also for audiobooks and printed publications. Considering that every month the search giant processes about 60 million queries about books, the new feature with ratings, reviews and prices will significantly speed up the search or selection of the desired book.

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