Young Entrepreneur, Hero of the Americans in Covid-19 Pandemic

Gizem Imren, a business woman from Orlando, became the hero of the region and even the whole of America by donating more than 25,000 bottles of free hand sanitizers to the people of America during the covid-19 period with her brand that she established in the past years.


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In our interview with Gizem Imren; we learned that they work at full capacity for almost 24 hours a day. The young entrepreneur, who is planning to produce disinfectant wet wipes in the near future, stated that he did not receive any support from SBA and this situation was devastating.

“I know there are a lot of people, especially the elderly ones worried about what’s going to happen to them in case they go out and take a huge risk in order to find hand sanitizers.”  Gizem said. “This will hopefully provide them some feeling of relief where at least there’s something being done for them”

Gizem and other volunteers have donated more than 25,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to both elder people and children since the pandemic started in March.

“I Want To Keep Manufacturing The Hand Sanitizers However I’m Also Struggling Financially”

Gizem Imren, who produced hand sanitizers before Covid-19, increased its production capacity 5 times after the epidemic. While America’s largest hand sanitizer producers could not distribute hand sanitizers to be used on the market, Gizem Imren, a business woman from Orlando, donated free hand sanitizers by working 24 hours a day, almost every day with her teammates.

During this process, while everyone was dismissing their staff, she made the decision to expand her team, but stated that she received a very unfortunate negative response from his SBA Loans/Grant application.

In our interview with her; “Many businesses in the United States have used SBA Loans, and even businesses that do not need these loans as much as we did. It took too long for us to have a response from the SBA and sadly our loan application  was rejected. The danger of Covid-19 continues, there are still not enough disinfectant products in the market. We are producing hand sanitizers, we want to donate to the schools, students, teachers and families in the region with the opening of the schools in this period. However, it is very important that the government supports us. Despite everything, I am proud of my teammates and my company. “




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