Young man stabs his partner with a pen for making fun of him

Young man stabs his partner with a pen for making fun of him

In a secondary school in Manaus, Brazil, there was an attack perpetrated by a student who could not stand the attitude of a classmate, who made fun of him in the middle of an exhibition. The attack was shared on social networks and has caused great commotion due to the coldness of the young man who used a feather as a weapon.

In the video there are six young people exposing standing in front of the class and the teacher, who was among the students. After a few seconds, the assailant makes a fed up expression and takes an object from his pants pocket that cannot be made out, but later revealed to be a feather.

Although everything happens very quickly and the audio of the recording is precarious, it seems that the young victim covered her face to suppress her laughter when her partner was going to present his part. However, this movement triggers the anger of the attacker, who quickly stabs the young woman in the face.

In less than two seconds, the class reacts to the violent thrusts of the young man, who started on the face and continued on the back when the girl protected herself with her hands. Meanwhile, on social networks, the bloody video earned all kinds of opinions. These are some examples:

— Extra Morelos (@ExtraMorelos) May 12, 2023

‘Violence is not justified. They teased me at school and I never hurt anyone’; ‘Someone who reacts like this is not right in the head. There is a disorder, evidently, and it represents a danger’; ‘Young people with too great internal courage’.

Finally, the Municipal Secretary of Education of Manaus assured that the young woman was attended by the Mobile Emergency Care Service. Meanwhile, the 14-year-old boy was detained by the Military Police and transferred to the Specialized Police Station for Investigation of Offenses, where he confessed that his partner made fun of him for saying a word wrong.

Source: Okchicas