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Young man with terminal cancer who went viral on TikTok gets married at 17

Isabel Veloso 17 years old, is a frequent user of TikTok . Like many, she uses the platform to share your routine and talk about your life story. With just over a million followers, the girl differs greatly, however, due to the condition she presents to users: she has terminal cancer. Last weekend, she got married and recorded everything on the networks .

“I married the woman of my life”, wrote Lucas Borbas, now Isabel’s husband. “I am the happiest man in the world.”

Isabel has cancer since the age of 15. In January of this year, already 17, the girl discovered that her disease was incurable. Stopping treatments, she entered the “terminal” stage and was given just a few months to live by doctors.

“This time the cancer succeeded. I just hope that these next and last 6 months are the happiest and most sincere in our hearts”, she published in March on Instagram.

“My love, today I understand that I did not come into the world to be cured, but to heal”, she wrote to Lucas. “But even so, know that you were the most beautiful healing of my soul. I love him, more than anything that can exist on this earth. My eternal husband, boyfriend, faithful best friend and companion. Till death do Us part. Since forever and forevermore.”

In a report on her TikTok profile, Isabel says that she is not afraid of leaving, but rather, of leaving the people she loves, without being able to help them. “Especially my husband,” she says.


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On TikTok, Isabel has already accumulated more than 18 million likes.

On their Instagram, there are several photos of the wedding. Check out:

Source: CNN Brasil

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