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Young people confuse the price of R$1,650 wine with R$165 and pay a “fortune” at a restaurant in Salvador

Four young people got the price of wine mixed up during dinner and paid more than R$4,500 for the bill at a Mediterranean restaurant in Salvador (BA). The video of the friends went viral on the internet after they shared their reactions when the time came to pay the bill.

A CNN Talyta Figueiredo, who shared the record, told what happened.

“My friend quickly looked at the menu and said: ‘Guys, I found a wine for R$165 and we went for it, because we always had a rule of choosing the cheapest wine to save on the bill’,” said Talyta.

The young people consumed two bottles of “Pêra-Manca” white, which they later discovered cost R$1,650 each. Talyta said that they received “VIP service” and did not understand why until they received the bill.

“It really was a VIP service that we didn’t even know about, for example, when the guy brought the bottle he presented it, opened it, put the cork in a cloth napkin and handed it over,” he explained.

The viral video shows the reaction of the four friends when they received the bill and “couldn’t believe” the price of the dinner.

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“When the bill arrived, we were really shocked, we thought it wasn’t real, that the bill had come in the wrong way and that it wasn’t our bill,” explained Figueiredo.

“So, we went to look at the menu and saw that we had made a mistake and that the price was wrong, that we had actually got the zeros wrong,” he said.

Talyta even joked and revealed that it served as a learning experience for the next accounts. “We looked and looked again a million times, because we really didn’t know Pêra Manca (the name of the wine), we don’t drink wine like that to know the value”.

The Mistura do Contorno restaurant in Salvador contacted the friends, said the young woman, “the restaurant invited us for dinner on their behalf, we were very happy”.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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