Young skater surprises everyone with a routine to the rhythm of Mexican music

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Mexican skater Donovan Carillo once again conquered ice skating with an excellent routine that obtained the necessary qualification to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing, China.

The skater left the judges speechless for his excellent participation, and no wonder, as it was enlivened by regional music. In addition, he wore a typical Mexican costume, extolling his roots and demonstrating his talent.

Who is Donovan Carrillo?

Donovan was born in Zapopan, Jalisco and has practiced ice skating since he was nine years old. In addition, from the age of four she takes swimming, gymnastics and ballet classes. He is the current national champion in roller skating and the first Mexican to obtain the title of Senior World Champion (2018).

In 2016 he participated in the Junior Grand Prix at the International Skating Union based in Japan and for his routine he chose the instrumental theme of Juan Gabriel Until i met you, earning the respect, affection and admiration of the internet.

My sister practiced skating and I was going to see her. There was a girl that I liked, so I decided to get into the sport and I liked it. The girl left, but I continued; and now I want to go as far as possible.

This success marked a before and after in his career, to such a degree that in 2021 he became the first Mexican skater to attempt a quadruple jump in the international Challenge Cup competition and obtained 20th place in the 2021 Senior World Championship.

His routine will make you dance with emotion

Donovan recently participated in the World Ice Skating Championships and won a pass to the 2022 Beijing Olympics with a routine based on Mexican rhythms. His charisma, smile and movements made all the attendees dance, who could not refuse to give him an ovation and applaud at the end of his presentation.

This is the beginning of a new success in his life, and we are sure that his routine at the Olympic Games will make us dance and scream with excitement. Meanwhile, he already has the first place in our hearts.

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