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Young woman is found dead in Rocinha with a shot in the chest; family suspicious of ex-partner

A young woman, aged 19, who lives in Rocinha, south of Rio de Janeiro, was found dead this Monday (28) after being shot in the chest. Jeniffer Paes Carvalho had been living in the community for about a month with her partner. The family believes that the young woman’s partner would be responsible for the death.

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro is investigating the case, but did not say whether Jeniffer’s companion is being treated as a suspect or not.

The 11th DP (Rocinha) reported that it had launched an inquiry into the young woman’s death. According to a note, the expertise was carried out at the scene and her body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML). The police are still collecting information and evidence to investigate the authorship of the crime.

In a note, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro reported that the boyfriend was heard and underwent residueographic examinations, a procedure that investigates possible traces of metals, such as lead and copper, on the individual’s hands and clothes. The agents are still waiting for the results of the reports and are taking steps to clarify all the facts.

Questioned by the report if the young woman’s partner is treated as a suspect, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro replied that it can only say that he was heard and that no line of investigation was discarded.

Family members point to partner as suspect

A CNN got in touch with Jeniffer’s grandmother, who stated that shortly after the incident, the granddaughter’s partner would have contacted the young woman’s mother and asked her to go to the place where they lived together, in Rocinha, to see the dead daughter.

According to her, before the family arrived at the scene, one of those responsible for the Rocinha Residents’ Association would have already called the police.

Still according to the grandmother, the suspect kept Jeniffer in private prison. The two were together for about 8 months and for about a month they lived together in a house in the community of Rocinha.

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According to the family, the suspect was jealous and, in a recent episode, allegedly broke Jeniffer’s cell phone after discovering that she had asked her father for money to feed herself. According to the grandmother, the device would have been broken to prevent the young woman from contacting the family.

After the call that the boy would have made to Jeniffer’s mother, the young woman’s parents went to the place where she lived, accompanied by her grandmother.

The grandmother also says that, upon entering the house, they found her granddaughter’s body on the bed, with a gunshot wound in the chest. She reports that Jeniffer’s partner often beat the girl, leaving her with bruises on her body.

Jennifer was buried at the Inhaúma Cemetery this Tuesday afternoon (29).

A CNN tried to contact Jeniffer’s partner, but did not get a response until the publication of this report.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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