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Young woman sticks to plaster mask she used to clean her complexion

It is true that some of the things we see on the Internet are usually for entertainment, but there are those who consider them absolute truths. Such is the case of the new trend of skin carewhich consists of putting on a plaster mask with the idea of ​​doing a kind of facial cleansing, which could not be more wrong and dangerous.

In this way, a couple of young Chileans got a big scare when one of them wanted to join this trend and the plaster mask that she used to “clean her complexion” stuck to her face.

plaster mask placement

We learned about this anecdote that almost ended in tragedy because one of the students shared the video on TikTok in which we see how one of the young women is desperate to remove her already dry mask.

It all arose after a young woman exhibited on social networks the process of said mask with which smoother and softer skin is supposed to be achieved. However, this pair of uninformed girls did not consider some important points.

girl wanting to take off her plaster mask

At the beginning of the video, we see how after having allowed his face to be molded with the plaster bandages, his partner tells him that it is time to remove it, but when he tried, he felt like his skin and even his eyelashes and part of his hair had remained. attached to the mask or, rather, to the mask.

Of course, the young lady was very scared when she saw that she could not remove the plaster from her face and because of that she began to cry, saying that her friend had not put enough Vaseline on her. Meanwhile, her friend tried to help her in different ways, but none of them worked and the concern about the damage that could be caused to her skin or her eyebrows and eyelashes made it even more complicated.

Of course, this episode also caused them a lot of laughter, and despite the great concern of most of the Internet users, later, the young women clarified that they could remove it, although, yes, they could not do it without pulling out some hair from the face.

It should be noted that this type of material is only used on the face solely for artistic or craft projects and with its previous indications, but not as a way to exfoliate the skin. This was stated by dermatologist Mariana Arellano, who was kind enough to react to the video that went viral of a girl showing how she used the mask to “clean” her face.

Source: Okchicas

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