Young women wear hard leather to face the new worrying “needle epidemic” in clubs

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The epidemic takes the form of a new and extremely alarming tactic of male patrons in club of Britain who inject girls with bites trying to inject the well-known “rape drug”. In fact, Interior Minister Priti Patel asked for urgent information from the police who are investigating the extent of the so-called “epidemic of needleAmid growing claims that women have drugged by men at nightclubs and parties who use needles for their heinous designs.

Groups of students from more than 30 universities across the UK took part in an online campaign calling for a boycott of nightclubs. with activists calling for “tangible” changes to make them safer, such as drink covers, better staff training and stricter security measures and controls before entering stores.

A 19-year-old student in Nottingham said she fainted while having fun in a city club before waking up and finding a hole in the back of her leg.. Police have arrested a man on suspicion of “administering poison or a harmful substance”.

Zara Owen, 19, of Surrey, said she fainted shortly after arriving at a store last Monday, telling BBC Breakfast: “I know I did not drink as much as usual and the fact that I do not remember anything is frightening because this is something that is very rare for me. I have never had a memory loss and the next morning σα I woke up with a really swollen leg. I found a sting in my leg that was the focus of every pain. “It made me unable to walk and limp.”

And she continued: “As a young student at the university, I hear stories of people who have gone to nightclubs and been injected. “I have heard stories of someone being injected into his arm or back.”

“I woke up in the hospital with horrible pain in my hand”

Another Nottingham student, also 19, said she woke up in hospital with horrific pain in her swollen arm with a clear needle sting. She also believes that she was targeted by a needle in the back of her hand.

Sarah Buckle told ITV that she arrived at the nightclub around 11pm, but later had to be taken home by friends who thought she had been drinking too much.

He said: “In the taxi home I started vomiting everywhere and my friends realized that something was wrong». They called an ambulance and the girl was taken to the hospital where she woke up the next day without remembering the night before.

«My hand hurt very badly. I also knew I was not too drunk. I knew I was clearly nailed, but it would never have occurred to me that it was by injection if my hand was not swollen and the injection site was not visible..

“You think the sting has to do with your drink, you do not think anything would enter your body.”

There have also been unverified reports of incidents in Liverpool and at least two Scottish cities, where they have been posted by a Facebook group – sparking a wave of panic on social media.

Scottish police say they are investigating Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen, although they do not believe the reports are linked. Merseyside police said their investigation did not reveal “any evidence of criminal activity.”

And West Midlands police said today they had received a report where the circumstances “seem to match the description of someone who was injected”. However, authorities say it is “unclear what exactly happened” and are continuing investigations.

Drug experts, meanwhile, have called for calm in the hitherto unverified social media reports of increased injections, saying using needles would be difficult for someone without medical training. They also say that the type of drug needed for a quick and discreet injection is “very detectable” in the victim’s system for several days – which means that the police will be able to verify if the person given the gum is nailed.

The women say they are now taking steps to protect themselves amid reports of an increase in the use of needles for club rape.

Some women say they now wear denim jackets in nightclubs and bars because the material is “harder to pierce” with a needle. Others choose to wear thick leather clothes for fear of being nailed..

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