‘Your belly looks like a butt’ – Woman’s outburst at mean comments about her outfit

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Backsides out! This is what his Influencer answers TikTokStella Williams to her critics, when told that her belly it looks like a butt on her when she wears it narrow trousers. THE fashionista plus size constantly defends herself in videos she uploads. In fact, in one of them, he explained that he did not receive a call from the casting of Khloe Kardashian in Good American.

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In the video, posted this week, Williams wore a white top with two-tone green pants.

“Umm the pants are not very flattering”, wrote one of the commenters. Williams made a video afterwards posing with the same clothing: “If I stopped and thought about what was ‘flattering’ to the world every time I got dressed, I’d be unhappy. “You hate me, but I’m happy” she added influencers.

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“I think the pants just need a Spanx because I love the colors and lines,” commented another reviewer. “You don’t need molds,” Williams replied in another clip. “All you need is to you feel good in your clothes! Learn to love yourself and clothes are made optional“, she broadcasts nypost.

Not to be outdone again, she made another video, this time revealing that her green pants quickly sold out on Fashion Nova once she told her fans where to find them. “Wellif you are affectedsorry,” he smiled.

Williams finally had the last word when she tearfully informed her fans that she did receive an invitation to be considered for the Kardashian Good Squad. “I guess I’m going to New York on Sunday,” she said visibly excited.

Congratulations, you are such a beautiful and necessary person in this world. I truly wish you the best. May your days be blessed forever,” one supporter commented. “Congratulations and the way you handled the non-existent rejection was top notch and like a goddess you are worthy,” wrote another.

Source: News Beast

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