Your last wish! They fire her friend carrying her coffin and dancing reggaeton

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Saying goodbye to a loved one will always be painful. However, everyone will express their sadness in a different way, some crying inconsolably, others hiding in their own memories of him and others fulfilling the last wish of that family member or friend.

This was the case of a group of women, originally from Colombia, who came together to say goodbye to their best friend in tears and to the rhythm of reggaeton, just as she had asked on some occasion.


Just as you wanted it we said goodbye my Nay but my eyes will not stop crying for you 😭🖤🕊 you were and will always be my friend, sister, cousin and companion forever 🥀💔 I will always carry you in my mind and in my heart my black girl 🥺 🤍🕊

♬ original sound – domenica7121

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The peculiar farewell was shared on TikTok by the user @domenicademeraa700 and in the clip six girls are seen carrying the coffin with the body of Anahí, who died due to a stray bullet.

Despite their pain, they do not stop dancing and singing reggaeton songs while smiling to remember the good attitude that Anahí had in life.

Just as you wanted it, we say goodbye to you my Nay, but my eyes will not stop crying for you. You were and always will be my friend, sister, cousin and companion, forever. I will always carry you in my mind and in my heart, my darling.


#greenscreen 🕊🤍🥀

♬ original sound – GtzMusic

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The video was somewhat intimate for that group of friends, but it ended up going viral by accumulating more than 14 million views and thousands of comments, among which you can read everything from discontent with her actions to congratulations for honoring Anahí as she deserved: with joy.

On the other hand, @ domenicademeraa700 has not shared more information about the events that took her friend’s breath away and has not replied to the comments received, but she has shared other clips in which she shows the pain in her heart.

Source: Okchicas

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