YouTube: here are the videos that have set the most trend in 2021

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It does not have an absolute opinion poll but the ranking of the videos most popular on YouTube it represents a good indicator of the main trends of the year and the tastes of Italians.

Great protagonist, and it could not be otherwise, it was the sport with the tricolor that has waved on the highest step at every latitude. The most followed video is in fact that of European football final with the success of our national team for 4 to 3 in the penalty spot. Sky Sport highlights have been viewed over 6 million times.

To echo the feat of the players there was the surprising men’s 4×100 relay at the Tokyo Olympics with the victory of our four aces: Lorenzo Patta, Marcell Jacobs, Eseosa Desalu and Filippo Tortu. An epic moment for the athletics of our country that still arouses strong emotions every time it is seen again Eurosport’s video, in fourth place on the YouTube chart. “Are we the new Jamaica? But as Jamaica, we are Italy and we are the best ever. We are all four superstars ». This is what the Olympic champion Marcell Jacob said at the end of the race.

The round ball is still starring with the Serie A Juventus – Inter match, finished 3 to 2 for the bianconeri who, thanks to this success, remained in the running to access the Champions League. The clash between the two most popular teams in the league took fifth place in the standings.

Two particular moments are held among the users of the network, respectively in second and third place in the YouTube list: the marriage proposal of Me against You and the aftershow of LOL: Who laughs is out. The first video was created to perfection to tear the tear from all the romantics of the web, the clip in which He asks Sofia to marry him. Laughter in freedom, this time without the risk of being eliminated is instead the common thread of the reunion at the end of the season of the popular Prime Video production.

In sixth place two LOL animators continue to be protagonists, Lillo and Pintus, guests of the very popular podcast Wild Musk animated by Fedez and his gang. In seventh position there is room for the hilarious animated tale of Dead Cartoons (Andrea Lorenzon) dedicated to all doubts about vaccines, obviously in an ironic and irreverent key.

Curiosity is the soul of life, so in the YouTube video ranking there is also room for the foray of jakidale in the «deepest and craziest pool in the world, at least that’s the title of the clip. The youtuber dived into the pool Y-40 of Montegrotto Terme which in 2014 had officially entered the Guinness Book of World Records for its depth, then outclassed by the pharaonic Deep Dive project in Dubai which has now dropped the record by another twenty meters reaching -60 meters.

In ninth position we find the video by Salvatore Cinquegrana, known on the web as Surry, who was arrested in Venice and taken away with handcuffs on his wrists. A brilliant idea as the incipit of his reportage which then told live behind the scenes of the activity of the carabinieri.

The top ten of the most popular YouTube videos of 2021 ends with the sketch of Max Angioni a Italia’s Got Talent. Traditional television continues to be an interesting forge of talents that the web then brings to the fore, offering an even wider and heterogeneous audience. The first miracle of Jesus is the open bar uncork a few healthy laughs and laughing is always a good thing.


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