YouTube Deletes Trump’s Video, Suspends his Channel for a Week

In addition of being dumped from his twitter account, blocked by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitch, Donald Trump has now been banned from YouTube as well. On Tuesday, a #StopHateForProfit movement called for YouTube to take down Trump’s verified channel because it offered the president the ability to continue disseminating misleading information about the election’s validity.


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Donald J. Trump’s YouTube channel has been banned for 7 days, and the new uploaded content has been removed due to the violation of YouTube policies. “It now has its 1st strike and is temporarily prevented from uploading new content for a *minimum* of 7 days,” announced YouTube through its official Twitter account.

YouTube also informed the public that comments have currently been switched off on President Trump’s channel due to safety concerns. However, this temporary suspension does not indicate that it cannot be made permanent later on. It has been brought to notice that Trump’s twitter lockout was also temporary, but due to the continuous violation of terms , it turned into a permanent suspension.

How do YouTube Community Guidelines Work?

According to YouTube’s moderation policy, channels that violate its community guidelines for the first time are given a warning. However, Channels that violate its community guidelines for the second time are blocked from posting new videos for a week, and if the second strike is again given within 90 days, the channel gets banned for two weeks. The third strike which is also the final warning permanently removes the channel from YouTube.

Although, YouTube has not reacted to the query as to whether Trump’s account had been warned about its content prior to the strike. It has been reported that when contacted with regards to specifics of which policies Trump breached, YouTube issued a statement similar to other tweets which said “ we have taken action in the past for other cases involving safety concerns,” and also mentioned that it is not the first time the Google-owned company has removed material for privacy violations from Trump’s channel.

Common Sense Media chief executive Jim Steyer, the organizer of the #StopHateForProfit campaign gave a statement that if YouTube does not follow their path to ban Trump from other platforms, the advertisers will be next on the list.

Trump’s channel homepage featured a month-old Trump video casting doubt on the democratic process of voting, which reported around 5.8 million views. It was further informed that the free channel has 2.77 million subscribers. Trump, who questioned the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory without providing evidence, at first praised his supporters but later denounced the abuse. Twitter and Facebook deleted Trump’s profiles after the incident and eliminated posts which were prompting the attack, whereas suspended Parler from it’s web hosting service, a social networking site that was preferred by many Trump supporters.

It has been said that there is something YouTube is doing. But it is disappointing that it took a literal military rebellion to actually take action against Trump’s inciting threats against these tech giants.

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