YPAM Britain: The country must continue to increase investment in defense

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Britain must continue to increase investment in defense to meet threats not only from Russia but also from China and other countries, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said today.

“I have always said that as the threat changes, so must funding,” Wallace told a conference hosted by the Royal United Services Institute, a think tank on defense and security.

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“Russia is not our only problem: A assertive China ready to challenge the rule-based system and democracy, terrorism is rampant across Africa, no solution has been found to Iran’s nuclear ambitions to date, the threat is growing.” and investment must continue to grow, “he added.

At the same conference, the chief of the British General Staff, Patrick Saunders, said that the British army must be prepared to face the Russian threat to security in Europe, a threat that is even greater after the invasion of Ukraine.

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“We are not at war,” he said. World War II against Nazi Germany, he stressed.


Source: Capital

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