Zadarma 2.2.73

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Zadarma is a branded VoIP application for calls with support for the free Zadarma cloud PBX.

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No more wasting traffic and battery on a background connection. Push notifications allow you to receive calls always – without maintaining a connection.

Features of the Zadarma application:

  • outgoing and incoming calls via Zadarma VOIP telephony (support for multiple accounts in one application – multi-account)
  • push notification support for uninterrupted incoming calls and reduce battery consumption
  • profitable calls to all directions
  • the ability to connect a virtual number in 90 countries of the world
  • sending and receiving free text messages between Zadarma clients,
  • sending and receiving SMS messages,
  • display of balance status and call cost,
  • excellent communication quality due to a large selection of codecs,
  • automatic integration with the phone book (including the ability to copy the number)
  • bonus funds for testing communication after registration on the Zadarma website
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Source: Trash Box

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