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Zahara Jolie Pitt “deletes” her father’s surname: another war in the family?

Not even a month ago the American press had assured that Brad Pitt – after the tumultuous 7-year legal battle to settle the divorce with Angelina Jolie – he had managed to recover relationships with all his children except one: Maddox, the eldest, turned 22 last August. But now comes less comforting news: even eighteen-year-old Zahara Jolie-Pitt would be at war with her father. At least that’s what he assumes Page Sixstarting from a recent episode that seems to speak clearly: during the induction ceremony for the Alpha Kappa Alpha university sorority, the girl introduced herself like this: «Zahara Marley Jolie». Therefore eliminating the father’s surname.

A choice with which he seems to want to follow in the footsteps of Maddoxwhich he has had for years now stopped using the surname Pitt in unofficial documents. On the other hand, the boy – who in 2021 testified against his father in the domestic violence trial brought by Angelina against Brad – would have had a central role in the parents’ decision to separate: Pitt, drunk, allegedly hit him during a plane trip that year and once they landed Jolie would go straight to ask for a divorce. Since then Maddox doesn’t want to know about his dad anymore.

The situation between Pitt and Zahara seemed different. A source last October had revealed to InTouchWeekly That the star had “not assiduous but peaceful relationships” with his daughter, as well as with the nineteen-year-old Pax. Zahara’s latest move seems to tell another story. Pitt, who has been a steady couple for over a year with the jewelry designer Ines de Ramon, can only console himself with the rest of his offspring. In fact, it seems that the star spend a lot of time with 17-year-old Shiloh and 15-year-old twins Vivian and Knox. In fact, a source revealed: «she is on good terms with them. He knows he has wasted a lot of precious time over the years of the custody battle and today he is determined not to waste a single day.”.

After engaging in rehab to quit alcohol and after undergoing therapy, the star managed to to recover a relationship of trust and affection with at least four of his children. Maddox, however, does not seem to be willing to forget what happened in 2016. And his sister Zahara seems intent on following in his footsteps.

Source: Vanity Fair

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