Zelensky: EU must avoid division – Set low ceiling on Russian oil

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The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, today asked Europeans to remain united in the face of its war of Russia and significantly reduce its price Russian oil.

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“There is no splitthere is no schism among Europeans and we must maintain this. This is our main mission this year,” Zelenskiy said in a video conference in Lithuania.

Europe is helping itself. It doesn’t help Ukraine against Russiathis helps Europe to counter Russian aggression,” he added.

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The EU governments failed to agree Thursday on a ceiling on the price of Russian oil aimed at curbing the revenue Moscow is using to finance the war, and Zelensky asked European leaders to adopt the lowest price suggested, $30.

“These reductions are very significant. We’re hearing (cap proposals) at $60 or $70. This sounds more like a retreat (against Russia),” criticized the Ukrainian president.

“But I am especially grateful to our colleagues from Baltic countries and Poland for their proposals, which are quite reasonable, to set a limit of 30 dollars per barrel. This is a much better idea,” he explained.

The EU countries, as APE-MPE reminds, failed to reach an agreement on the imposition of a ceiling on the price of Russian oil, as some considered the proposal of the Group of 7 (G7) too high and others too low at 65 to 70 dollars per barrel.

Poland wants the cap set at $30, pointing out that with Russian production costs estimated at $20, the G7 proposal leaves a lot of room for profit for Moscow. Lithuania and Estonia support her proposal.

Source: News Beast

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