Zelensky in Sanremo 2023: the political front of the no from Salvini to Conte

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It is not a single no and it does not come from just one political side. The front against the presence of Volodymyr Zelensky to San Remo 2023 but it has widened to the right and to the left. The speech of the Ukrainian president will be recorded, will last a couple of minutes and will certainly air after midnight since the performance of all the singers will follow on the final evening of the festival. Rai confirms the broadcast, the controversies are increasing day by day.

He was among the first to say no to the Ukrainian president’s speech at Ariston Matthew Salvini. “If I have ten minutes to see the Sanremo Festival, I will see the songs, not Zelensky,” the Infrastructure and Transport Minister told Half past eight, «If Zelensky has time to go to the Oscars or the Sanremo Festival, he knows it. I wonder how appropriate it is for the Italian song festival to have a moment with the war and the deaths going on, it doesn’t seem to me that things are getting along».

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Same opinion for the vice president of the Chamber Maurice Gasparri who is part of the same majority as Salvini who supports the Ukrainian government. The leader of Action also said he was against it Charles Calenda: «There is little doubt about our line of support for Ukraine. However, I consider it a mistake to combine a musical event with the message of the President of a country at war». From the left the leader of the M5S speaks, Joseph Conte: «I was very happy when President Fico invited President Zelensky to the Chamber where he was able to express his reasons in Parliament. I don’t think it’s so necessary to have Zelensky in such a light context as that of Sanremo».

There is also a manifesto and a movement to which the former pentastellato deputy Alessandro Di Battista belongs. Among the supporters of the manifesto, ready to take to the streets in Sanremo on 11 February, are Carlo Freccero and Moni Ovadia: «War cannot be made spectacular. Much less in a program that hosts songs and that is seen all over the world. The message we send to Putin is that we want to crush him. And he can be very bad, so it’s not convenient.”

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The former foreign minister, Louis DiMaio, instead supports the presence of Zelensky: «I think it’s a good thing that people are told, everywhere, what Russia is doing to the Ukrainian people. And by giving space to their institutions, war rhetoric is not fueled, but a humanitarian disaster is denounced in the heart of Europe, with 5 million refugees and almost 1,200 dead or injured children». For Vittorio Sgarbi «Zelensky would do well not to participate in the Sanremo Festival, so as not to be used as a “Velina” by Amadeus. It should be the Ukrainian President himself who chooses not to participate, so as not to be used in some way”.

Instead, participating is clearly the choice and position of the Ukrainian president who has already made interventions in various broadcasts and events: from the Venice Film Festival to the Grammys. From the very first days it was welcomed and hosted in connection and in presence in various Parliaments and also in many international events. San Remo is no different from other stages for the cause of Ukraine.

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