Zelensky: Italian newspaper reports that he is renting a villa in Tuscany to Russians – Real Estate company denies

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The newspaper “Il Tirreno” caused an uproar in Italy, because in its article it claimed that the Volodymyr Zelensky rents villa which maintains at Tuscany to Russians, at the moment when the war in Ukraine.

THE iltirreno.it stated that this particular villa is located in the seaside area ‘Forte dei Marmi’ and it is worth four million euros, as it features 15 rooms, including six bedrooms, and a private pool. Yes, allegedly owned by an Italian companywhich however belongs to another, interests by Olena Zelenska, wife of the Ukrainian president.

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The controversial Italian publication

According to the Italian publication, the villa was rented for the amount of 50,000 euros to a Russian couple living in London, with the newspaper to cites photos on social mediain which rooms of the villa and testimonies from neighbors for people “who were heard to speak Russian”.

Denial by the Real Estate company

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However, a representative of the company, Claudio Salvinispoke to “La Stampa” and denied the report, stating that “the villa was not rented to Russian citizensbecause we have a clear directive from the property that prohibits us categorically something like that. We can rent to anyone as long as they are of another nationality: Europeans, Americans and so on…”.

What was released is fake news. The villa has been rented to a couple for the summer, however I won’t tell you if they are Londoners or not. The contract was signed by a man. Now the house is free. If you want, you can rent it yourself,” he then added.

Source: News Beast

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