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Zelensky pressures allies to become more directly involved in the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Reuters on Monday that he is pushing Western partners to become more directly involved in the war with Russia by helping to intercept Russian missiles over Ukraine.

According to Ukraine's leader, the battlefield situation in the country's northeast is now under control after Moscow's forces crossed the border and launched raids towards the city of Kharkiv, adding that Russia is also pressing hard in the east. .

Zelensky suggested ways allies could help more directly, including shooting down Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory in certain circumstances and allowing Kiev to use Western weapons against enemy military equipment that accumulates near the border.

“The Russians are using 300 planes on the territory of Ukraine,” said the president. “We need at least 120, 130 planes to hold out in the sky,” Zelensky added, referring to the U.S.-designed F-16s, some of which he hopes will soon be used in combat.

Western allies are taking too long to make decisions on military support for Ukraine, the president said.

Zelensky described the delivery of military aid — especially air defense, such as the Patriot missile defense systems — as “one big step forward, but before that, two steps back.”

“All the decisions that we, and then everyone together, reached are delayed by about a year,” he said.

The comments come at a dangerous time for Ukrainian forces, outnumbered, outgunned and losing territory in the northeast and east of the country.

The Ukrainian leader also said that Kiev is negotiating with international partners to use their weapons against Russian military equipment on the border and inside Russia.

“So far, there has been nothing positive,” he said.

US does not plan to send military trainers to Ukraine

The United States has resisted Ukrainian calls to use its missiles against territories internationally recognized as Russian, reflecting concerns in the West about the risk of an escalation of the conflict even as it tries to ensure Kiev wins.

Regarding American policy, Zelensky stated that he does not see “maximum risks” if there is a change of government in the November elections, although the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is skeptical about aid to Ukraine and has emphasized “America First” policies. place”.

“I don’t believe Republicans are against supporting Ukraine, but some messages coming from their side raise concerns.”

According to top American general, the US does not plan to send military trainers to Ukraine. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General CQ Brown also told the media on Monday that he was confident that Ukraine was not using American weapons inside Russia.

Source: CNN Brasil

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