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Zelensky rejected Orban’s mediation to end the war because Hungary is ‘not a great power’

Volodymyr Zelesny has announced that he has rejected a proposal for Hungary to mediate between Ukraine and Russia to end the war, arguing that Budapest is not a “big power” to take on that role. On the contrary, it is a task that could only be undertaken by global powers, such as China, the US or the European Union, according to the Ukrainian president. Reuters reported that Viktor Orban visited Kiev and Moscow for talks last week and met Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier today, describing his surprise trip to Beijing as the third leg of a “peace mission”. Zelensky said only very powerful economies or countries with armed forces stronger than Russia’s could take on the role of mediator. “Are there many such countries in the world? Not many. I believe that the US and China are such countries. And the EU, not one country but the whole EU. She will […]
Source: News Beast

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