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Zelensky signed controversial conscription law into Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday approved a law on the conscription of more men against the Russian invasion, a controversial text as it does not provide for a demobilization period for the conscripts. According to a statement published on the website of the Ukrainian parliament (Rada), the text was submitted yesterday to the president who then signed it. Ukraine, faced with a shortage of volunteers, has been working on the text for months, rife with controversy after more than two years of war against the Russian invader. On April 11, the Ukrainian parliament approved the bill with 283 votes in favor. This text, which increases penalties for insubordination, caused a scandal due to the deletion at the last minute of a clause that provided for the demobilization of soldiers who have served 36 months, a severe blow to soldiers who have been fighting at the front for the past two-plus years. The authorities assured that the issue of demobilization will be regulated by a separate law, but no date has been set for its preparation and approval. The Ukrainian […]
Source: News Beast

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