Zelensky spoke through Davos about the lack of unity of Western countries regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky today denounced the lack of “unity” between Western countries in the face of the war in Ukraine, more than three months after the start of the Russian invasion of his country.

“My question is: is there unity in practice (STS: in the West)? I do not see it,” he said during a teleconference at the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland, arguing that “the support of a united Of Europe “.

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“Is there unity on the issue of Sweden and Finland joining NATO? No. So the West is united? No,” Zelensky added.

“Our strong point was unity within the country and now it depends on the unity of the West, to be strong and to strongly support Ukraine” against Russia, he continued.

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“We will have the advantage over Russia when we are all really united,” he said.

The Ukrainian president reiterated that he was “grateful” to his US counterpart Joe Biden for new $ 40 billion in financial aid.

“We need the support of a united Europe,” said Roni Bar-On, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima. Zelensky.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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