Zelensky: Ukraine hopes for EU candidate status in coming weeks

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In his speech last night, President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed confidence that Ukraine would become a candidate country within the European Union within weeks, despite Germany’s reluctance to support the accession process.

“It will be a decision not only for Ukraine, but for the whole European plan,” Zelensky said, adding that he would judge whether the EU had a “future” or not.

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The European Commission is expected to decide soon on how to proceed with the request for membership submitted by Kyiv immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory on February 24.

German Chancellor Olaf Solz has made it clear that he does not believe that the accession process in the case of Ukraine should be accelerated. Although other EU member states strongly support Kiev’s request, Berlin remains reluctant.

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Mr. Zelensky sent the Minister of Communications and Regional Development Oleksiy Chernysov to Germany as a special envoy to put pressure on the German government.

Kyiv hopes that the 27 will grant candidate status to Ukraine at the June 23rd and 24th summit. “The European Union must embrace Ukraine,” said Chernysov, referring to his contacts in Berlin.

“We do not expect accession through the back door, nor do we expect an urgent process for Ukraine,” he said, adding that Kyiv was not interested in any other form of EU membership other than full membership, an idea put on the table by French President Emmanuel. Macron. “We do not plan to consider any other form of connection today,” Mr Zelensky’s envoy insisted.

Source: AMPE

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