Zelensky: We need faster supplies, new weapons

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“Ukraine is facing a very tough situation in the eastern region of Donetsk and needs to have faster supplies of weapons and new types of weapons to withstand Russian attacks,” the president of Ukraine said today Volodymyr Zelensky. “The situation is very tough. Bakhmut, Volendar and other sectors in the Donetsk region, there are continuous Russian attacks,” Zelensky said in his videotaped speech at night.

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“Russia wants to continue the war and exhaust our forces. So we must make time our weapon. We need to speed up events, speed up supplies and open up new weapons options for Ukraine,” he said.

He criticizes efforts to allow Russia to return to the Olympics

Its president Ukrainian he also said that allowing Russia to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics is tantamount to indicating that “terrorism is somehow acceptable. The International Olympic Committee’s efforts to bring Russian athletes back to the Olympics are attempts to tell the whole world that terrorism is somehow acceptable.”

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The Ukrainian president also stressed that Russia should not be allowed to “use (the Games) or any other sporting event as propaganda for its aggression or state chauvinism,” according to APE-MPE.

Source: News Beast

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