Zist Zeken, director of “Emmanuela” has died

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THE French filmmaker and photographer Zist Zekenwho directed the successful one love movie “Emmanuela”, passed away yesterday, Tuesday, at the age of 82, a family representative announced today to AFP.

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“Zist Zeken, o director of “Emmanuela” with Silvia Christel, passed away on September 6 in Brittany from the effects of a long illness at the age of 82 (…) He left surrounded by his wife, Anne, a sculptor, and his daughter, Zoulias, a photographer,” his agent explained in a statement.

THE filmwhich she met international success from Japan to the United States, tells the story of a young woman’s sexual adventures in Asia.

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THE “Emmanuella“, as reported by APE-MPE, was the film that had the greatest success in 1974 in France, as it sold almost 9 million tickets, and was played for 13 years in cinemas on the Saintes-Elysées in Paris. It was seen by tens of millions of viewers around the world, and many more if you take into account its views from other media. Today it is available for rent from the Amazon platform and is aimed at those over 16 years old.

The movie “Emmanuela” was based on the romantic bestseller of the same name written in 1959 by Emmanuel Arsan. The producer, Yves Rouchet-Roir, wanting to assign the project to a young director, turned to the photographer Zist Zeken, who was excited by the idea of ​​making a feature film.

Zist Zeken then directed The Story of O and, again with Sylvia Christel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

However, success “disturbed and obscured the multifaceted talent” of the photographer, ad director and sculptor; who Zist Zeken was before he became the director of “Emmanuela”, according to his entourage.

Born in 1940 in Vichy, Gist Zéquin also owned, with his wife, an art gallery in Paris where they exhibited paintings and sculptures, mostly their own.

Source: News Beast

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