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ZKsync will airdrop 3.6 billion ZK tokens

The ZKsync Association will hold a one-time distribution of 3.6 billion ZK tokens to early adopters next week. Alex Glukhovsky, founder and CEO of Matter Labs, spoke about this The Block.

The number of coins allocated for the airdrop is 17.5% of the total issue of 21 billion.

Users will be able to claim their tokens starting next week until January 3, 2025. The hallmark will become available on June 24th.

89% of the coins will be received by users who made transactions through ZKsync. 11% will be distributed among developers and other community members who have contributed to the ecosystem.

A total of 695,232 wallets are shortlisted for the airdrop. The snapshot was taken on March 24th to commemorate the anniversary of the launch of the ZKsync Era mainnet.

Distribution of coins through airdrop. Data: ZKsync.

The rest of the ZK tokens will be distributed over time through the ecosystem initiatives of the ZKsync Foundation and through the ZK Nation governance model. In particular, investors will receive 17.2%, and the Matter Labs development team will receive 16.1%. Their tokens will be locked for a year and then gradually unfrozen over three years – from June 2025 to June 2028.

ZK token distribution. Data: ZKsync.

The airdrop is based on a points system. Users received them for interacting with smart contracts in ZKsync Era, adding liquidity to DeFi protocols, trading ERC-20 tokens, and for being active in ZKsync Lite.

The tokens distributed will not have any lock-up periods and will be “fully liquid from day one.”

“We hope that the majority of recipients will participate in governance, delegate their tokens and become active members of the community. If some of them don’t want to do it [и продадут их]it’s better if the tokens go into the hands of people who truly care about the protocol,” said Alex Glukhovsky.

One address will be able to receive no more than 100,000 ZK tokens. This is because “the team is focused on the community as a whole, rather than creating individual whales.”

The developers also tried to filter out bot addresses from the airdrop as much as possible.

Previously, the Matter Labs team announced a new ecosystem management model called ZK Nation.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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